Nursing software for the PDA has helped streamline many tasks for the nurse. With so much nursing software available for the PDA, doctors, patients and even the student nurse can benefit greatly because of instant access to information vital to many areas of nursing.

Some nursing software PDA programs and their benefits are listed below.

Frye’s 3000 Nursing Bullets for NCLEX-RN covers all of the clinical areas found on the NCLEX-RN including fundamentals, maternal-neonatal nursing, pediatric nursing, medical-surgical nursing, and psychiatric and mental health nursing. This unique preparation tool helps students prepare for the exam by presenting key facts in random order. Students can study for the exam any time, any place, using this nursing software for the pocket pc.

RNDxTests This practical nursing software for PDA can be used by nursing students at all levels as a textbook in theory classes for integrating laboratory and diagnostic data and in clinical settings for a quick reference. It guides the nurse in planning what needs to be assessed, monitored, treated, and taught regarding pretest requirements, procedures, and post-test care.

The Lippincott manual of nursing practice is a great addition for nursing software for pocket pc. This resource provides step-by-step guidelines for more than 150 procedures in all areas of nursing practice. Navigational features include finding a chapter by alphabetical listing or by cross referencing a procedure.

NurProc this nursing software for PDA offers the nurse instant access to over 500 procedures with clear step by step instructions. Each procedure entry covers equipment and preparation, implementation, special considerations, complications, and documentation tips.

With all of the new drugs appearing on the market, it is difficult to keep up with all the relevant information. Drug guides will help the nurse stay current with all the latest information on current drugs. There are many such guides offering nursing software for your pocket pc.

The burden of medical records in a medical practice is extreme. Overcrowded offices lead to inaccessible charts; either misplaced or lost. Electronic medical record retrieval is now seen as one of the most effective ways to improve healthcare. When embraced by nurses and physicians this has been proven in practice to deliver real and meaningful change in how patient care is delivered. With approximately a third of all prescriptions generating a callback from a pharmacy, physicians and their staff spend hours of time each week pulling charts and verifying information.

As you can see from examples stated above nursing software for your PDA has greatly increased efficiency on the job resulting in fewer errors in patient care.

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