PDA’s (personal digital assistants) have become a nurse’s best tool to retrieve fast and accurate information. From nursing students to Nurse Practitioner’s PDA’s have proven to be a very useful gadget to have in their pockets. Not only are they small and compact, making them easy to carry around in coats, but they also are able to carry tons of useful information ranging from medical dictionaries, to nursing textbooks that can be used for references.

Many nurses begin using a PDA during nursing school. It’s used mostly as a drug reference tool. A popular program is called ePocrates Rx. A PDA can also hold programs like a medical reference book or medical calculators for IV medication dosing. You can also use a PDA as a day planner and an address book. Textbook publishers also have ebook versions of their books that can be updated. This sure beats having to carry around a big book everywhere that is not up to date.

The most popular PDA’s are the many Palm products, the HP iPaq, Blackberry’s and of course Apple’s iTouch/iPhone. The future of PDA’s is uncertain though as many are moving on to smartphones to replace their PDA’s and even their digital cameras.

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