The nursing profession is an extremely rewarding field to go in to. But just like with any other profession, there are pros and cons to being a registered nurse too. Here are some of the positive and negative aspects of the RN profession. First, here are the pros to being an RN.

Income (Pro)

Registered nurses earn a high wage compared to other professions that don’t require a bachelors degree. Nurses also get to enjoy benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

Schedule (Pro)

Most people work a 40 hour work week, Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM. Registered nurses have the flexibility to work 12 hour shifts, three days a week. By doing so, nurses can use their time off to spend time with their family or on their favorite hobby.

Patients (Pro)

In the nursing profession, nurses will come across patients that can brighten up their day. By meeting an interacting with new people, nurses feel like they are making a difference in peoples’ lives.

But being a nurse isn’t so rosy, there are also some negative aspects of the nursing field. Let me go through a few of the cons.

Stress (Con)

Being a nurse is a stressful job. Sometimes the very lives of patients is in your hands. As a nurse you have to deal with having patients passing away. Nurses have a lot of responsibility which can also be taxing on the heart and mind.

Workload (Con)

By working a 12 hour shift, nurses are completely tired. Often times their workload consists of going to sleep early the night before in order to wake up very early in the morning. Then they stay at work, on their feet all day, to finally go home. Nurses are often times in charge of many patients when things get busy, so there is little time to rest during their shift.

Patients (Con)

Some patients can be a little cranky while others can be downright rude. As a nurse, you can’t let their personal comments get to you. But that’s easier said than done. Sometimes a patient can brighten up your day but they can also ruin your day by their rude remarks.

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