It sometimes may seem like there are pages in the classified ads every Sunday for RN jobs. In fact, RN’s now constitute the largest healthcare occupation, as there are over 2.3 million jobs available. If you are looking to get into a growing field where you are in the drivers seat with employment and salary choices, it may be that becoming a RN is a good option for you.

What is a RN and why are there so many RN jobs out there? A RN is one that has a college degree (Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree) from an accredited institution and has passed his or her nursing boards. Required classes to get a degree so that you can qualify for RN jobs include anatomy, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, and behavioral science classes like psychology. Most schools require clinical experience, and this experience will also help you when you are looking for RN jobs.

Education and experience are key components to certain RN jobs. If you are considering RN jobs in administration, you may want to consider getting a Bachelor degree, as many organizations now require it. Sometimes if you are considering RN jobs in more complex areas like surgery or neo-natal intensive care, organizations will want you to gain significant clinical experience. Also, other RN jobs may even require you to have a masters degree, like being a nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, or certified nurse anesthetist.

RN jobs require a lot of patience and dedication, as a RN will be promoting good health, prevent disease, and helping patients through times of illness. RN jobs also require you to be detail oriented and have decent writing skills. For instance, RN jobs in psychology will require a nurse to document (in detail) behavior, response to medication, and follow doctor directions carefully so that a patient receives the appropriate care.

If you are qualified or looking to be qualified for RN jobs, then you should be pleased that the job outlook for RN jobs is very high. In fact, RN jobs are expected to grow faster than the average growth for all other jobs through the year 2012. RN jobs in hospitals is expected to remain the same, though RN jobs in nursing care facilities is expected to grow exponentially as the baby boomer generation ages.

Other areas in which RN jobs are expected to increase is home healthcare and outpatient care centers. The growth for these RN jobs may be due to technological advances and pressure from insurance companies to avoid in-patient hospitalization. Many advances in medicine have created RN jobs in which RN’s travel to patient homes to provide care or perform procedures in outpatient facilities.

The varying types of RN jobs, and the great need for people to fill those jobs has offered the opportunity for RN’s to have more variety in their careers. Many organizations now offer major bonuses and high salaries to lure RN’s, as there are more jobs than nurses. Thus, finding RN jobs can be a process of knowing what type of nurse you want to be and seeking out the opportunity to fill that need.

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