If you thought that the only place where you could find a nurse is at a hospital, you’d be mistaken. Nurses can work in a variety of different health care facilities. Right now there is a big demand for nurses to work both in and out of hospitals.

The need for more nurses is due to numerous factors. Due to technological advances we are finding that nurses can treat a wider variety of medical problems. There is also an increased emphasis on the need for more preventative care services. When you couple this with the fact that people are living longer, thus increasing the number of older people, you can see why there is a need for more nurses.

People are increasingly needing nursing care in locations other than hospitals. Let me go through a list of some of the most common settings where you’d find a registered nurse.


The most common place to find a registered nurse is at a hospital. Most of the nurses at the hospital are employed full or part time and are assigned to one area. These areas include ICU, ER or the pediatrics unit to name a few. The number of nurses in hospitals is not expected to rise much, as more procedures are being done at locations other than hospitals and patients are being discharged earlier as well.

Medical Centers

Nurses at medical centers such as clinics or a physicians office care for patients who undergo sophisticated procedures that were once only done in hospitals. The need for nurses at these locations will increase as more surgeries and procedures can be performed there. Nurses at these outpatient facilities do a variety of things such as administering medications and preparing patients for surgery.

Nursing Homes

At nursing homes, you will find nurses caring for patients with a wide variety of conditions. Nurses can work helping long term rehabilitation patients recover from a stroke or a head injury. They can also work with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. RN’s at nursing homes also perform administrative tasks here as well as supervisory tasks. In addition to recruiting psychiatric nurses, nursing homes are also usually in need of psychiatrists so if you’re a qualified psychiatrist looking to make a switch, consider a reputable psychiatric recruitment firm to help you with the job change.

Home Health

Home health nurses care for patients in the patients own home periodically. Home health nurses care for people who are recovering from an accident, an illness, childbirth and cancer to name a few. These nurses can also supervise home health aides as well as instruct patients and their families. This field is expected to grow due to technological advances that allows patients to stay at home with supervision.

Public Health

Public health nurses work at facilities such as schools or other agencies such as a retirement community or a clinic. These types of nurses are interested in improving the health of the community they work for. These nursers work with members of the community to educate them on preventing diseases and help arrange health screenings for members of the community.


You can also find nurses at colleges and universities. Any school that has a nursing program will also need to have nurse educators as well. But you can also find nurses who teach at the hospital itself. These nurse educators provide orientation to current nurses and they can confirm nurse competency too.

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