For those not attracted to a nursing career, there are other fields also experiencing phenomenal growth. Some courses, in fact, can transform your career in a matter of hours.
You can sign up for a $195 EKG Technician class and in one day of instruction learn the intricacies of administering an EKG, enabling you to earn $10 to $15 an hour.
Or you can enroll in a program to become a pharmacy technician. This $995 course combines 168 hours of classroom instruction with 120 hours of training in a pharmacy. Projected earnings range from $10 to $20 an hour. Job prospects are excellent, Chegia emphasizes, since pharmacies are also experiencing a labor shortage.

In response to that need, the state now allows a pharmacist to supervise two pharmacy technicians (rather than one). The technicians fill prescriptions under the watchful eye of the pharmacist, who handles special orders and deals with the public. “Classes are filling up for this 24-week class,” Chegia advises. And like medical assisting classes, the internship – which can lead to a permanent position – is included.

The orthopedic technician course combines 112 hours of classroom instruction and 240-hour clinical training to prepare graduates for treating patients with conditions of the bones and joints in acute and clinical settings. Grads of the $1200 course can expect to make $13 to $16 an hour to start.

Other hot healthcare classes offered through adult schools include administrative medical assisting, licensed vocational nursing, and phlebotomy (blood work).

Some adult schools offer an even more extensive choice of classes. You can find adult schools listed in the yellow pages of your phone book, or contact your local school district.

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