Travel nursing has become a very popular way of of nursing. It pays more money after all. It’s no surprise we’re seeing more travel nursing agencies pop up. So what do travel nursing agencies offer? They get calls from different facilities throughout the country and try to find nurses that are interested in visiting that area. Here are the types of things a travel nurse agency does:

  • Salary. Yes, there are some agencies that offer more money than others. The first thing to remember is that agencies may base salaries upon things like location availability, need-to-fill assignments and cost of living.
  • Benefits. When some companies lack a good salary they can make up for it with a good benefits package. Many agencies offer benefits programs that revolve around monetary bonuses or discounted luxury housing.
  • Customer Service. To many traveling nurses, customer service and aid are the most important attributes a placement agency possesses.
  • Featured Locations. Do you want to travel the world? If you care more about travel experience than money then find an agency that can offer you the locations you want.
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