A career as a nurse is very rewarding, but it can also be extremely challenging. Your working days and times are very variable and you never know when the next emergency is going to walk, crawl or roll in through the hospital door. It’s definitely not a career for everyone. Hundreds of students drop out of nursing school every year, and others just decide the job’s not for them. But for those who make it, nursing can be a great opportunity to help people and enjoy a personally fulfilling career.

A lot of people regard nursing as a tough job with horrible working hours, but it can actually be just the opposite. Especially for those who have the skills to work as an agency nurse – you can avoid “getting into a rut” and doing the same thing every day. Agency nurses also have the ability to pick and choose which jobs they take, and if one will interfere with an important family event or they are feeling under the weather, they can simply decline the job. When their diary is clear or a job becomes available that they really want, then they can agree to work.

Agency nurses sometimes work in private residences rather than hospitals or nursing homes. As a private nurse you meet new people all the time, and many nurses report that they stay in close contact with their “favorite” clients, keeping tabs on their health and well being. Clients often reciprocate and it’s not at all uncommon for a client to request a specific nurse for a day, a week, or longer.

One thing that is necessary if you choose to work as an agency nurse is efficient paperwork. Since you’re working for an agency rather than a hospital or nursing home, you are technically a contractor. You are responsible for invoicing, making tax payments, setting up a work pension for yourself and determining your holiday time. Since most nurses enjoy the nursing but not the paperwork, many of them are turning to Umbrella companies to furnish those services.

An Umbrella Company takes care of the administrative work for self-employed contractors of many kinds, including nurses. From ensuring that the correct national insurance contributions are made on time, to dealing with tax forms and calculations for you, an Umbrella Company can allow a nurse to focus on the patients and treatments, rather than expenses forms, mileage vouchers and time consuming calculations.

With the new Agency Workers Regulations looming, agency nurses and other contractor-type employees must either determine how the new legislation affects them and prepare all necessary reports and paperwork, or find someone to help them with it. That “someone”, very often, is an Umbrella Company. The company will have someone on staff dealing with such things as identifying new procedures and regulations contained in the legislation. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d like to spend your time on, using a good Umbrella Company is probably a very good idea for you.

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