Once you have made the decision to become a nurse you need to be certain that the nursing school you choose will provide you with all the skills and training necessary to become an effective nurse. A simple online search will provide you with numerous options of both local and online nursing schools. While there are many things you should keep in mind while rating nursing schools, listed below are four items which should be at the top of your judging scale.


In order to choose the ideal nursing school for you, you need to do your research. It will be impossible for you to obtain a nursing license if your nursing school does not have the proper accreditation for your state. Before you enroll, you should be aware of whether or not the program holds all of the endorsements which will allow you to successfully obtain employment as a nurse. Google is your friend. Do your research before you hand over a dime.


Once you select the perfect program you need to review your finances and decide if you can afford the training. Of course, the odds are that you will be able to receive some type of financial assistance, but even so, you will still be responsible for any nursing school expenses not covered by your student aid package. If the school you chose is really expensive and your second choice is much cheaper, this is something you need to take into consideration.

If you think you can’t afford to go to nursing school, don’t give up just yet. Don’t let anything get in the way of getting the career you want and the education you deserve. Do research and apply for any scholarships you may qualify for. Your last resort should be student loans. The benefit of student loans is that the interest rate is typically low and you won’t need to pay it back until you’re done with your studies.


When it comes to taking classes, it is imperative that the courses are convenient for your schedule and lifestyle. Ideally, all your face-to-face classes should be a short distance from your home or workplace. College is already expensive and time consuming. Now imagine if your school is an hour away? You’ll be spending a lot on gas and wasting a couple of hours of your day.

But if you really want convenience you’ll choose an online nursing school. There are some nursing schools that let you take the majority of the classes online. Talk about convenient. Online classes should be easy to manage and provide you with support that will allow you to be successful during and after your training.

Student Success

Last but not least, you want to know how others have performed after attending the nursing school. Be sure that the school you are planning to attend has good reviews from past students. It’s important to know whether past students have been able to find employment with a degree from that nursing school.

But don’t stop there with your research. You want to find out exact numbers and compare them with other schools. Find out what percent of students complete the nursing program. Find out what percentage of students pass the NCLEX exam. Schools with a strong curriculum and top-notch educators will have a high rate of student success.This will be a good barometer to determine how well the school prepares its’ students.

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