Everyone already knows that we in a nursing shortage in this country. The medical field is in huge demand for nurses. It’s a common supply and demand thing. But how can this be so? Are there really not enough nurses to fill the void? Is it because the nursing profession isn’t attractive? No. It’s a job with great pay and great benefits. So then why? The main reason why is actually because of the nursing schools. There just aren’t enough of them out there. Colleges that do have nursing programs are so impacted that there are waiting lists of aspiring nurses wanting to get in. Some have a waiting list that is at 2 years just to get started in a 2 year program.

Because of this online nursing schools are popping up. Some feel that online schools are the answer to the nursing shortage. It costs much less to operate an online school than a physical one. However before you pay a cent in tuition for an online school you should check first to see that they are fully accredited so that your nursing degree can indeed get you employed at any hospital.

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