In the United States, baby boomers are now reaching their retirement age. This decline in the labor force is affecting many industries, but perhaps none more than the nursing field. Not only are we seeing  a large number of highly-skilled nurses leaving the profession, but there is also a decrease in the number of students who are currently enrolling in nursing programs.

For years there has been a nursing shortage crisis in the United States. The future isn’t looking any brighter either. In February 2012, the United States’ Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed its latest information on the country’s demand for nurses. In 2010, over 2.7 million individuals worked as nurses. By 2020, it is expected that the United States will need an estimated 3.5 million nurses to care for its’ citizens. As trained caregivers continue to leave the profession when more and more nurses are needed to maintain the quality of healthcare, the issue of the nursing shortage in American has become a grave concern.

But while some see a problem, others see opportunity. This nursing shortage crisis can only mean one thing, for those who have been contemplating a career in nursing, now is a great time to become a nurse.

While many things in this country can be outsourced (such as tech support, writing and construction), healthcare is definitely not one of them. If you are a nursing professional who is well-trained and has great people skills, you will have no problem finding and keeping a position for the rest of your life. The demand for nurses is so great that many hospitals and medical treatment practices are offering huge signing perks and lucrative salaries to recruit any available candidates to come work at their hospital.

By enrolling in a nursing program today, not only will you help alleviate the nursing shortage in America, but you will also become a member of a profession which offers unbeatable job security. And that’s something that’s hard to find in a rough economy.

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