The nursing profession is the largest of the various health care occupations. Not only that but the jobs in this field are projected to continue increasing. So it’s no surprise why there is such a vast interest in the nursing profession. Some states currently have a nursing shortage while others are projecting a nursing shortage in the coming years. The reason for this shortage is due to various reasons. Here are a few of them.

The registered nursing profession is an aging workforce. As RN’s age many are entering the retirement phase in their lives. A retirement can be exciting time, as one nurse hangs up her scrubs and a new nursing grad takes over. However what if there isn’t a new grad to take the job? You can see how this presents a problem for the hospital.

There is a decline in enrollments at nursing schools. At a time when the economy is in need of new jobs the nursing field is definitely a place to look. It takes time to complete nursing school however. Add that to the rising costs of tuition and you can see that the nursing profession is certainly no get right quick scheme either.

Another reason that there is a nursing shortage is because there are more patients now than ever that need treatment. Due to technological advances in patient care, people are able to live longer through treatment. This increases the amount of people in need of medical care which in turn requires the need for more nurses.

Now more than ever important attention is being placed on preventative care. This includes patients coming in for yearly check-ups and for other tests. While this is good for the overall health of Americans, it will also put a strain on health facilities as more people will be visiting doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Once the so called baby boomers retire, it will put a strain not only on social security, but on health care as well. Baby boomers are now about 65-70 years old and many of them are in need of medical care. You can expect this trend to continue for the next 20 years.

So in closing, when we have an aging workforce, a decrease in nursing school enrollments, people living longer and baby boomers in need of care, it presents an enormous need for more registered nurses. But look on the bright side, with a nursing shortage comes higher wages for existing nurses and countless new job opportunities for those looking to start a new career.

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