Become A Nurse Practitioner Or Just An RN?

A big question that many recent graduates of nursing school have is this: Should you continue your education and become a nurse practitioner? One can understand why this would be the case. After all, you’ve been in “school mode” for a while already. Then you may have some of your fellow classmates deciding to continue their education. All this in… [continue reading]

Pros And Cons Of Being A Nurse

The nursing profession is an extremely rewarding field to go in to. But just like with any other profession, there are pros and cons to being a registered nurse too. Here are some of the positive and negative aspects of the RN profession. First, here are the pros to being an RN. Income (Pro) Registered nurses earn a high wage… [continue reading]

Career Opportunities For Nurses

Despite inevitable fluctuations in our unpredictable economy, the medical field has consistently seen a growing need for professionals in the nursing industry. Why Pursue Career Opportunities for Nurses? Regardless of their chosen area of specialty or practice, nurses pride themselves on the ability to serve people from all walks of life and patients with all sorts of injuries and illnesses…. [continue reading]

How To Choose The Right Nursing Career

Are you compassionate, caring and want to make positive impact on other people’s lives? Then a career in nursing will suit you perfectly. However, there are many different kinds of positions within the nursing field, with each requiring a specific amount training. This means you need to be clear from the beginning on which type of nursing suits you best, which… [continue reading]

The Flexibility Of A Nursing Career

There aren’t too many jobs that are as flexible as a nursing career. Due to the nursing shortage you can work practically wherever you want and whenever you want. How’s that for flexibility in a career? A nurse can also work full time, part time and take a break and come back. This is common if a nurse wants to… [continue reading]

The Respiratory Nursing Specialty

Respiratory nursing, also known as pulmonary care nursing, is another specialty that nurses can choose to enter into. The nurses who decide that this is the career path for them will be working with patients who suffer from lung conditions. This can be anything from tuberculosis, asthma and cystic fibrosis.

What Is A Telemetry Nurse

There’s a wide variety of nursing specialties to embark on if you wish. There’s more than just becoming a registered nurse. After that you can try different fields that could earn you more money. If you also enjoy a particular aspect of nursing you could try that as well. This post is about telemetry nursing. Just what is a telemetry… [continue reading]