Working As An Agency Nurse

A career as a nurse is very rewarding, but it can also be extremely challenging. Your working days and times are very variable and you never know when the next emergency is going to walk, crawl or roll in through the hospital door. It’s definitely not a career for everyone. Hundreds of students drop out of nursing school every year,… [continue reading]

Different Places Nurses Can Work

If you thought that the only place where you could find a nurse is at a hospital, you’d be mistaken. Nurses can work in a variety of different health care facilities. Right now there is a big demand for nurses to work both in and out of hospitals. The need for more nurses is due to numerous factors. Due to… [continue reading]

The Home Health Nurse Occupation

Patients want to be cared for at home because it gives them a higher level of independence and dignity compared to being in a hospital environment. Patients also prefer to be cared for at home because it provides a greater level of comfort. When patients are treated at home, the family is more involved and can spend more time with… [continue reading]

What Is A Telemetry Nurse

There’s a wide variety of nursing specialties to embark on if you wish. There’s more than just becoming a registered nurse. After that you can try different fields that could earn you more money. If you also enjoy a particular aspect of nursing you could try that as well. This post is about telemetry nursing. Just what is a telemetry… [continue reading]

Nursing Entrepreneurs

First, what is an entrepreneur? It’s a person who assumes the risk for a business adventure. But can a nurse be an entrepreneur? The answer is yes. A nurse can take charge of her life and become independent. She can then market her own services to various health care institutions who need someone with the knowledge and expertise that a… [continue reading]

Medical Billing and Administration Jobs

Medical billing and administration, sometimes called medical billing and coding, is a key component of healthcare operations. Medical facilities (ie: hospitals) hire people for billing positions, collections and administrative support. But to obtain these kinds of jobs you’ll need special courses and experience in medical terminology and billing first.

Registered Nursing Jobs

What is a RN and why are there so many RN jobs out there? A RN is one that has a college degree (Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree) from an accredited institution and has passed his or her nursing boards. Required classes to get a degree so that you can qualify for RN jobs include anatomy, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, and behavioral… [continue reading]