Why We Need More RN’s In America

The nursing profession is the largest of the various health care occupations. Not only that but the jobs in this field are projected to continue increasing. So it’s no surprise why there is such a vast interest in the nursing profession. Some states currently have a nursing shortage while others are projecting a nursing shortage in the coming years. The… [continue reading]

The 2012 Nursing Shortage Crisis

In the United States, baby boomers are now reaching their retirement age. This decline in the labor force is affecting many industries, but perhaps none more than the nursing field. Not only are we seeing  a large number of highly-skilled nurses leaving the profession, but there is also a decrease in the number of students who are currently enrolling in nursing programs. For… [continue reading]

Medical Billing and Administration Jobs

Medical billing and administration, sometimes called medical billing and coding, is a key component of healthcare operations. Medical facilities (ie: hospitals) hire people for billing positions, collections and administrative support. But to obtain these kinds of jobs you’ll need special courses and experience in medical terminology and billing first.

Information On The Nursing Shortage

Everyone already knows that we in a nursing shortage in this country. The medical field is in huge demand for nurses. It’s a common supply and demand thing. But how can this be so? Are there really not enough nurses to fill the void? Is it because the nursing profession isn’t attractive? No. It’s a job with great pay and… [continue reading]

Aging Nurse Workforce

A confluence of factors is causing the shortage of nurses. Among them are declining nursing school enrollments (down 17% since 1995), an aging workforce nearing retirement, decreases in relative earnings (the average elementary school teacher earns $13,600 more than the average RN), dissatisfaction with work conditions (largely brought on by managed care), and increasing alternative employment opportunities for women. The… [continue reading]

Increase Enrollement For Nursing Students

According to a study conducted by the National League of Nursing (NLN), in the years 2002-03 there has been an increase in nursing program admissions, enrollments and graduations. Actual Graduations have increased by 6%, however it is still up to these nurses to pass the state board exam. So even though there is an increase in nursing graduations that doesn’t… [continue reading]

Nurses Leaving The Job

The fundamental problem may not be supply of graduates but retention. Nurses are leaving the profession because of the stress of working in woefully understaffed facilities and because they lack administrative support or control over their environments. In many settings, nurses are responsible for coordination and continuity of their patients’ care, yet they feel they have little authority for many… [continue reading]