How To Choose The Right Nursing Career

Are you compassionate, caring and want to make positive impact on other people’s lives? Then a career in nursing will suit you perfectly. However, there are many different kinds of positions within the nursing field, with each requiring a specific amount training. This means you need to be clear from the beginning on which type of nursing suits you best, which… [continue reading]

The Flexibility Of A Nursing Career

There aren’t too many jobs that are as flexible as a nursing career. Due to the nursing shortage you can work practically wherever you want and whenever you want. How’s that for flexibility in a career? A nurse can also work full time, part time and take a break and come back. This is common if a nurse wants to… [continue reading]

Being A Nurse And An Attorney

Often times healthcare and legal issues become intertwined and that’s when a nurse attorney is needed. Someone who is a nurse attorney has a degree in both nursing and law. The areas where a nurse attorney are most needed would be in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. But a nurse attorney doesn’t have to work on her own in… [continue reading]

The Respiratory Nursing Specialty

Respiratory nursing, also known as pulmonary care nursing, is another specialty that nurses can choose to enter into. The nurses who decide that this is the career path for them will be working with patients who suffer from lung conditions. This can be anything from tuberculosis, asthma and cystic fibrosis.

What Is A Telemetry Nurse

There’s a wide variety of nursing specialties to embark on if you wish. There’s more than just becoming a registered nurse. After that you can try different fields that could earn you more money. If you also enjoy a particular aspect of nursing you could try that as well. This post is about telemetry nursing. Just what is a telemetry… [continue reading]

Tax Deductions For RN’s

Did you know that you can deduct the purchase of nursing uniforms when you e-file your tax return? But you can deduct so much more. In fact, any purchase that you make that is directly related to your work is a tax deduction. The exception is that you can’t be recompensed by your job and then still claim them. As with… [continue reading]

Average Earnings By Occupation

As you can see in the chart above, the annual income of a registered nurse is impressive. If some of these numbers appear too high, it’s because some nurses earn more than others. You’ll find that rookie nurses will not earn much, especially when compared to more seasoned nurses. The reason is that at most hospitals, the longer you work… [continue reading]