Become A Nurse Practitioner Or Just An RN?


A big question that many recent graduates of nursing school have is this: Should you continue your education and become a nurse practitioner? One can understand why this would be the case. After all, you’ve been in “school mode” for a while already. Then you may have some of your fellow classmates deciding to continue their education. All this in… [continue reading]

Nursing Uniforms, A Brief History


In the early years, well before the nineteenth century, nursing was primarily done by females in their households and by nuns as a part of their religious callings; as such, there was really no reason for standard nurse uniforms. As time progressed, the treatment of illnesses and injuries became more formal, and this new style of medicine necessitated the need… [continue reading]

Pros And Cons Of Being A Nurse


The nursing profession is an extremely rewarding field to go in to. But just like with any other profession, there are pros and cons to being a registered nurse too. Here are some of the positive and negative aspects of the RN profession. First, here are the pros to being an RN. Income (Pro) Registered nurses earn a high wage… [continue reading]

How To Afford Nursing School Tuition


With the increasing cost of college tuition, going to nursing school is becoming far too expensive for many. But don’t let that discourage you because there are ways you can afford going to nursing school even if you don’t earn a lot (or any) money. Let me go through a few of the methods you can use to help pay… [continue reading]

The Home Health Nurse Occupation


Patients want to be cared for at home because it gives them a higher level of independence and dignity compared to being in a hospital environment. Patients also prefer to be cared for at home because it provides a greater level of comfort. When patients are treated at home, the family is more involved and can spend more time with… [continue reading]

A Guide For Finding Cheap Nurse Uniforms


Few professions are as messy and damaging to clothing as the nursing profession; this is why it is so important that people who work in this field know where to find cheap nurse uniforms. Believe it or not, that task is as easy as turning on your laptop or desktop. If you have access to the Internet, you can find… [continue reading]

The 2012 Nursing Shortage Crisis


In the United States, baby boomers are now reaching their retirement age. This decline in the labor force is affecting many industries, but perhaps none more than the nursing field. Not only are we seeing  a large number of highly-skilled nurses leaving the profession, but there is also a decrease in the number of students who are currently enrolling in nursing programs. For… [continue reading]