Working As An Agency Nurse

A career as a nurse is very rewarding, but it can also be extremely challenging. Your working days and times are very variable and you never know when the next emergency is going to walk, crawl or roll in through the hospital door. It’s definitely not a career for everyone. Hundreds of students drop out of nursing school every year,… [continue reading]

Different Places Nurses Can Work

If you thought that the only place where you could find a nurse is at a hospital, you’d be mistaken. Nurses can work in a variety of different health care facilities. Right now there is a big demand for nurses to work both in and out of hospitals. The need for more nurses is due to numerous factors. Due to… [continue reading]

Career Opportunities For Nurses

Despite inevitable fluctuations in our unpredictable economy, the medical field has consistently seen a growing need for professionals in the nursing industry. Why Pursue Career Opportunities for Nurses? Regardless of their chosen area of specialty or practice, nurses pride themselves on the ability to serve people from all walks of life and patients with all sorts of injuries and illnesses…. [continue reading]

How To Afford Nursing School Tuition

With the increasing cost of college tuition, going to nursing school is becoming far too expensive for many. But don’t let that discourage you because there are ways you can afford going to nursing school even if you don’t earn a lot (or any) money. Let me go through a few of the methods you can use to help pay… [continue reading]

Why We Need More RN’s In America

The nursing profession is the largest of the various health care occupations. Not only that but the jobs in this field are projected to continue increasing. So it’s no surprise why there is such a vast interest in the nursing profession. Some states currently have a nursing shortage while others are projecting a nursing shortage in the coming years. The… [continue reading]

The Home Health Nurse Occupation

Patients want to be cared for at home because it gives them a higher level of independence and dignity compared to being in a hospital environment. Patients also prefer to be cared for at home because it provides a greater level of comfort. When patients are treated at home, the family is more involved and can spend more time with… [continue reading]

The 2012 Nursing Shortage Crisis

In the United States, baby boomers are now reaching their retirement age. This decline in the labor force is affecting many industries, but perhaps none more than the nursing field. Not only are we seeing  a large number of highly-skilled nurses leaving the profession, but there is also a decrease in the number of students who are currently enrolling in nursing programs. For… [continue reading]