Requirements To Become A Registered Nurse

The RN field is growing still, with thousands of new jobs being added every year. To practice as a registered nurse you’ve got to be qualified though. Becoming a nurse is difficult, but not impossible. If you find that you can’t make it through nursing school, there are also plenty of other healthcare related fields to get in to. Here… [continue reading]

Nursing Entrepreneurs

First, what is an entrepreneur? It’s a person who assumes the risk for a business adventure. But can a nurse be an entrepreneur? The answer is yes. A nurse can take charge of her life and become independent. She can then market her own services to various health care institutions who need someone with the knowledge and expertise that a… [continue reading]

Medical Billing and Administration Jobs

Medical billing and administration, sometimes called medical billing and coding, is a key component of healthcare operations. Medical facilities (ie: hospitals) hire people for billing positions, collections and administrative support. But to obtain these kinds of jobs you’ll need special courses and experience in medical terminology and billing first.

Vocational Nurse Careers

Are you considering becoming a vocational nurse (also known as a licensed practical nurse)? Not to dissuade you, but LPN positions in hospitals are actually declining, even though nursing jobs are still in high demand nationwide. However there is still a demand for LPN positions in home health and long term care facilities. What is the income like for vocational… [continue reading]

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Benefits of a Nursing Career

There’s no shortage of nursing schools offering course-work for those who aspire to become a part of the ever-growing healthcare industry. These certified nursing schools will not only train you to become a professional nurse but many offer post graduate courses as well, to better help you develop your nursing career.

Nursing Working Conditions

Most nurses work in well-lighted, comfortable healthcare facilities. Home health and public health nurses travel to patients’ homes, schools, community centers, and other sites. Nurses may spend considerable time walking and standing. Patients in hospitals and nursing care facilities require 24-hour care; consequently, nurses in these institutions may work nights, weekends, and holidays. RNs also may be on call –… [continue reading]